Brigadier's Andrey Venedictovich Beyer seal
Brigadier's Andrey Venedictovich Beyer seal

The Archives of "Beyer's commission" - are the oldest collection of the Central storehouse of the archival Fund of Altai Region

The Archives of "Beyer's commission" - are the unique collection of the documents 1744-1747, which started the State Archives of Altai Region.

Very important subjects of the Russian history were reflected in the materials of this commission:

  • The history of Akinfy Demidov's Kolyvano-Voskresensk plants;
  • The appearing of the silver-smelting production on the South of West Siberia;
  • The discovery of the First Russian ore gold;
  • The acceptance of the Altai plants From Akinfy Demidov's heirs to the State Treasury;
  • The role of German specialists in the industrial mastering of Siberia;
  • Social and economic position of the peasants attached to the plants in the South of Western Siberia;
  • The history of Siberian Cossacks;
  • The problems of the Frontier relations with the neighbors of Central Asia;
  • The Foundation of the Fortified border-line in the upper part of the Ob and the Irtysh rivers;
  • The Forming of the inside administrative borders in the South of Siberian government.

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The authors of the project:
Borodaev V.B., Kontev A.V., scientists of Historical Regional Studies of Barnaul State Pedagogical University.
The work is done on the grant N OOB 008 of the Institute "Open Society" (programmer "Culture", contest "The Mastering of Siberia")