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Center for Regional Studies (Russia and the East) was organized in April 1996 as a non-profit research and educational unit attached to the Department of History at Barnaul State Pedagogical University. Its founding Director was Prof Vladimir Moiseev, Russian Orientalist with Altai [geographical] origin, emigrated in 1992 from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Doing so, Center small research team gave due to the memory of late Prof Solomon Livshits --the goldfather of Oriental studies in South-Western Siberia. By now biennial Orientalist workshop, dedicated to the memory of S.Livshits, became one of the main patterns/traditions of Center research activities. Another, also biennial event is international conference "Russia, Siberia, and Central Asia: the Interrelation of Peoples and Cultures". Besides this, CRS ongoing work includes bi-annual inter-department seminar "Russian Asian frontier", carrying out group and individual projects, supervising student papers, consulting for regional government bodies, etc.

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